Induction and Mentoring

Induction Program Overview

The purpose of the MCCPS Induction and Mentoring Program is to foster the success of new and new-to-their role employees. The program pairs a mentor (experienced employee) and mentee (new/new to role employee). Together they engage in various forms of professional development that foster professional practice and student growth. This learning is supported by grade level and/or department colleagues and the administration.

The Induction and Mentoring Program strives to create an environment where collegial and reflective practice is the norm, and where the adults foster a community that enables the children to become critical and cre

ative thinkers who are committed to achieving their highest intellectual, artistic, social, emotional, and physical potential. The program is intended to provide individualized support that addresses the unique needs of new/new-to-the role employees.


The Induction and Mentoring Program is designed to support new and new-to-the-role employees to:

  • Adapt to the school environment and embrace a culture of collegiality and continuous learning
  • Provide student-centered, project-based learning experiences for all students
  • Become reflective practitioners
  • Honor the policies and practices in the School's Charter

Meetings and Observations

Per DESE regulations, all first and second year employees will have a mentor. The administration will pair mentors and mentees.

  • First year employees will meet with their mentors at least once a week. Second year employees will meet with their mentors regularly (as determined by the pair). The mentee will record this work via a Mentoring Log and will submit the log to the Mentoring Coordinator monthly.
  • Mentors will meet as a group with the Head of School and Mentoring Coordinator at least once per trimester.
  • Mentees will meet weekly as a group with the Mentoring Coordinator at least once per trimester.
  • First year teachers will meet weekly with the Head of School during the first term.
  • Observations will be comprised of a combination of formal and informal, announced and unannounced classroom visits.
  • First and second year teachers will be observed at least once per trimester.

Mentors will be offered one of three options to compensate their efforts. A Mentor may choose forty lunches, two additional personal days, or no recess duties. This choice should be communicated to the Head of School.

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