Essential Habits


I am responsible for my actions and the quality of my work. I demonstrate sustained effort despite challenges.

Are you ….

  • responsible for your actions?
  • doing quality work?
  • giving your best effort?


I identify a challenge or need, create a plan, and take action.

Do you ….

  • notice what needs to get done?
  • create a plan?
  • take action?


I listen to the ideas of others, make good choices, and lead by example.

Are you ….

  • listening to others?
  • making good choices?
  • leading by example?


I identify and understand a problem, consider the best strategy, apply it, and evaluate the solution.

Do you ….

  • recognize a problem?
  • look for solutions?
  • reflect on the result?

Levels of Essential Habits

Demonstrates with Distinction: Student demonstrates these habits consistently and without prompting

Demonstrates: Student demonstrates these habits consistently

Incomplete or Inconsistent Demonstration: Student demonstrates these habits occasionally and may need prompting

Does Not Demonstrate: Student does not demonstrate these habits or needs frequent prompting