Back to School Night

Back to School Night is not just about delivering a curriculum overview to the parents...

How do we communicate care? Edutopia: Communicating Care Article

Sample Back to School Night Agenda:

(Plan for about an one hour…leave time for questions

  • Introductions/Teacher Bios (keep it short)
  • MAP meeting info
  • Expectations for students and parents
  • Curriculum Overview (use your curriculum map as a guide to communicate what students will know and be able to do by the end of the year....year long essential questions?)
  • Global Theme
  • Essential Habits
  • Assignment books/Homework/Exhibition
  • Communication (how and when will you do it?…how should parents do it?)
  • Inclusion
  • Assessment (How and when will you do this?)
  • Reading at Home / Math expectations
  • Class trips
  • Wish list?
  • Folders with handouts
  • Student Work is on display (check out nearby bulletin boards and be sure they show student work)

● Engage parents at the beginning of the presentation (just like you do with students.) Play a short game…or do an activity that gets the parents talking to each other.

● Share the agenda with team members…all members of the team need to talk and participate in your presentation.

● Post your agenda for the evening.

● Dress sharp…be yourself…dazzle your parents with professionalism and concern for your students…this a great opportunity to communicate who you are!

● Any handouts to go in student folders must be delivered to grade level teams before Parents' Night