Integrated Unit Notes Winter 09

4th Grade: United States-Each student gets a state within a region, LA brochure on the state: bird, animal collage with different textures. CSL identify charter school write a letter to share information about. Math stats about states, natural resources (rocks and minerals). Number sense, Sing a song.

5th Grade: Science patterns through time and space weather climate graphing statistics poetry. Cross stitching ordered pairs, symmetry. Way to work in Colonial CSL violence prevention tabs, gardening donate food, square dancing, find settlement patterns, Ben Franklin farmers almanac, moon cycles

6th Grade: Romeo and Juliet, French Songs, Comparison West Side Story, Bring it to a nursing home. Violence prevention peer mediation. Math angles measurement, earth science geology, Global Studies Europe and Asia puzzle shaped like country interior pieces with various angle measures / types top layer political / geographic / geological, transportation map, Cartesian grid plan of different locations.

7th Grade: Egypt pyramid, angles, perimeter, circumference, create Egypt...Large walk-in pyramid in line with celestial body, Science technology and engineering tables and pyramid building, astrology, creation stories, biology body system organs mummification, tobacco and substance abuse, PSAs, family life interpersonal relationships, music keyboard compose pieces about music about planets. Fresco of human body using Egyptian-style modern day scene. Louve Egyptologist exhibit. Creation story with celestial bodies.

8th Grade: Geometry Engineering Early 19th Century American Industrialization Tech Innovation, Students look at changes 19th to now and Interview elderly changes in their lifetime. Pict a piece of 19th century tech, engineering, structure, forces, needs, universal design system. Adaptive technology.