Civil Rights:

Q & A

Q.: What is harassment?

A: Harassment includes, but is not limited to, unwelcome, inappropriate, or illegal physical, verbal, written graphic, or electronic conduct related to an individual's actual or perceived Protective Class, that has the purpose or effect of creating a hostile education or work environment, or, if the conduct were to persist, would likely create a hostile education or work environment. A victim may include a person reasonably affected by conduct directed toward another individual.

The Marblehead Charter School will not tolerate any form of harassment.

Marblehead Charter School will investigate all reports or complaints of harassment promptly and in an impartial and as confidential a manner as possible to ensure prompt resolution. If incidents of harassment are substantiated, the Marblehead Charter School will take appropriate disciplinary, corrective and/or remedial action.

Q: What are my responsibilities as an employee of the Marblehead Charter School?

A: It is the responsibility of every employee to comply with the Marblehead Charter Anti-Discrimination Policy.

In addition, there are concrete steps that staff can take to promote a respectful and safe climate that creates a culture where harassment and discrimination are unacceptable. Some examples include:

  • Modeling respectful, tolerant behavior with both colleagues and students.
  • Making curriculum choices that incorporate diverse viewpoints.
  • Intervening when harassing or discriminatory actions occur.
  • Promptly reporting information about possible harassment and discrimination to a Designated Official.