Integrated Units Notes 9-17-08

Natural Integration Don't Just Integrate w/ Yourself

Pam's Bridge Unit: Science, Math. Feedback: LA Reading Fiction vs. Non-fiction reading and writing, project journal to document process and assess LA conventions, GS-Immigrant involvement in building bridges, history period of compression, torsion, compression in historical buildings, material choices for the region, research current bridges, Health- skin cancer working on unit, personal safety, Tech-Sketchup to design bridges, MoS build bridges and test, econ-physical characteristic and how people locate.

Michele Communication / Museum Cultural Fair / Writing Folk Tales: GS-Cultures Maya, Aztec, Inca, how they communicate through glyphs, groups pick a culture: model of civilization, writing sample, civilization achievement. Art-Create glyphs Music-not a performance piece folk songs? Science-Sound, pitch, tools simple / complex machines of various cultures, plants of region, earth planets figuring into the culture. Gym-cultural games, Math-Mayan temple scale model, analysis of geometric shapes.

Karen Ancient Times Magazine LA-magazine book review, writing. GS-Mesopotamia / Egypt, translate an current event article into ancient civilization. Music-review page of music of those civilizations. Game page-Math standards???. Art-graphic design, ancient pottery, analysis of ancient pieces of art, print Mesopotamian cylinder. Science-mummification, organs, recycling.

Maria Science-Human Body, tissues, cells plant / animal archeological dig: strata where / when tools are found, designing-measuring tools. Art-cell drawings blot paper, color design, abstract, make journals for science. Gym / Health-Olympics, diseases, what is this growing on my neck. GS-health issues of various civilizations

Ryan Utopian Society. GS-Creation of our Country, Enlightenment, Revolution, create a government model. LA-Reading Animal Farm dystopia, utopia, rhetoric, persuasive writing. writing piece. Music-Create utopia song and analysis. Give a role- candidate, president, mayor debate or town hall meeting. No dragons, robots. Math-Budget, taxation of utopia.

Adria Solar Car Unit. LA-Poetry anthology: preposition poem about the car (under my foot) onomatopoeia. Math-Geometric shape, cost (computation). Science-geographic features connect solar power, stream engine, lift, drag, friction. Music-Making music advertising for science of their car. Art-Advertising, color. Tech-SketchUp 3-D design. Health-Consumer choices buying different types of car, planning personal budget.

French Songs: Voulez-vous coucher avec moi, se soir


Exhibition Overview: Put it up on the webpage and printed out for the students / parents. Purpose: overview and articulate the steps of the project. Attach roles, skills, standard that students need. Helps you work backwards... include a calendar as well to help plan those steps for you and the students

Sample overview and calendar Matt and Pam will deliver this...