Scan Document to the Copier

Step by Step Pictures Below or Video Demonstration

1. Put your document in the document feeder on top of the copier or the scanner bed below the document feeder. Select the Scanner on the Copier

2.Press the "Store File" Button near the top of the screen.

3. (1) Press the "Store to HDD" button on the screen and (2) then press "OK"

4. Press the "Start" Button on the Keypad

5. Once your document is done scanning. Go to your computer, open up your browser (Safari, Chrome, Firefox), and enter the following website address:

6. On the left-hand side of the webpage, go to the "Print Job / Stored File" menu, and click on "Document Server". It may take a moment for the scanned documents to load.

7. The Document Server page shows previews of the scanned documents and different options for download. Click on the "PDF" link above your document to download your document in your browsers. Your browser should show you a preview and allow you to save the pdf to your computer.

Video Demonstration