Civil Rights: Harrassment and Discrimination

Every adult in our school district has a responsibility, when aware of harassment or discrimination, to take action necessary to eliminate it. All incidents of harassment and/or discrimination must be reported to the principal, assistant principal or designee for appropriate recording and follow-up. As stated in the Marblehead Charter School's Anti- Discrimination, Harassment Policy and Equal Educational Opportunities Policy, all complaints will be taken seriously and will be investigated thoroughly and promptly.

There are administrators charged with ensuring compliance with state and federal regulations regarding civil rights.

Admin in Charge of Harrassment Discrimination

Finally, the federal and state governments have offices devoted to the enforcement of civil rights legislation:

Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination

One Ashburton Place

Boston, MA 02108-1518

617 727-3990

The United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

1 Congress Street, 10th floor

Boston, MA 02114

617 565-3200