Teaching as Leadership: The Highly Effective Teacher's Guide to Closing the Achievement Gap

1.  Set Big Goals
    Effective big goals:
        are measurable, ambitious, and meaningful to students' lives
        expect the best of those around you
        inform teacher's vision with the aspirations of constituents
        maximize student learning by aligning efforts of teacher, students & families
        aligned with rigorous learning standards

2.  Invest Students and Their Families
    Highly effective teachers:
  •         Develop students' rational understanding that they can achieve by working hard ("I can")
  •         Develop students' rational understanding that they will benefit from achievement ("I want")
  •         Employ appropriate role models
  •         Consistently reinforce academic efforts
  •         Create a welcoming environment
  •         Respectfully mobilize students' influencer

3.  Plan Purposely
    Teachers whose students make the most dramatic academic progress:
  •  develop a clear vision of success
  •   translate it into some form of assessment
  •   design a plan to success (backward design)
       3 Forms of classroom plans
  •  Long-term plans(year long)-groups and sequences standards, vision for success, focus, clarifies and organizes knowledge and skills, helps teachers discover relationships and interdependence among ideas,and generates calm and control. 
  •  Lesson plans- Instructional strategies and student learning experiences that lead to mastery of a learning objective, "I do, We do, You do," visualize and assess mastery, differentiate instruction, always driven by student outcomes (not what the teacher wants to do)
  •  Classroom management plans-purposefully planned, envision interactions and strategies that will lead to that destination, create a system for monitoring and tracking student behavior,
4.  Execute Effectively