MCCPS Assessment Portfolio

Statement of Purpose: MCCPS bases their curriculum of the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks Standards and Strands
  Art Foreign Language Global Studies Language Arts Math Music Science Health and Wellness
 4        4th Grade LA  4th Grade Math      
 5        5th Grade LA   5th Grade Math      
 6        6th Grade LA  6th Grade Math      
 7        7th Grade LA  7th Grade Math
 8        8th Grade LA  8th Grade Math      

Assessment Planning Sheet

Picking the Right Assessment - Criteria to Consider:

  • The assessment allows students to show a level of achievement that demonstrates understanding of standard
  • Assessments will be reused next year, not necessarily tied to exhibition
  • Tied to standards, strands
  • A major part of your curriculum for trimester, or year
  • A major evaluative tool for deciding a your a strand
  • Application level or higher of Blooms taxonomy, Complex Assessments

Developing Technical Quality

After filtering assessments using the list above, bring examples of the assessment (including student work, instructions, and rubrics) to our professional development meeting. We will use the following protocols to help select and refine our choices for our assessment portfolio.

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Molly Wright,
Feb 15, 2011, 7:55 AM
Molly Wright,
Feb 15, 2011, 7:55 AM