MST Meeting 11-05-2013

posted Nov 6, 2013, 8:18 AM by Matt Cronin
Guest Chair Kay O'Dwyer
Notes 11/5/2013
1. Curriculum Overview: Please review document - look at Essential Questions…perhaps they should be bigger/thought provoking…ideas to consider….
Grade 4 What is number?
Grade 5 How do we express number?
Grade 6 How do we use number?
Grade 7….
Grade 8 What is the unknown/how do we find the unknown?

2. Pay a 10 minute visit to another grade level and visit a math/science class and come away with one"takeaway"……
Schedule for when math/science is taught in these grade levels….
8 B,C
7 B,C
6 A
5 A
4 8:30-9:15 and 10:30-11:15
Math Support w/Katie Sullivan A, B
Howie B,C

8 B,C
7 B
6 A,C
5 A
4 B
Katie Sullivan, A
Howie B

Finally, sign up to do a Community Mtg…..:)

Thank you again for enduring the Humanities rep. as chair of your Department mtg………………
Member Present:
Katie Sullivan
Katie Souza
Bill Sullivan
Glenn Blakney
Ellen Lodgen
Jim Hazlett
Howie Rothblatt
Mike Condon
Cindie Boccia
Kay O'Dwyer