MST Meeting 03-18-14

posted Mar 18, 2014, 8:01 AM by Matt Cronin   [ updated Mar 18, 2014, 10:46 AM ]

Third Trimester Planning:
  • 4th Grade: Finishing Rocks minerals soil, Life Cycles animal research, long division, angles, MCAS prep, soil is out back and in MCAS office (some left)
  • 5th Grade: adaptations, energy systems sound, light, electricity, simple machines project, expanding into humanities, math spiraling
  • 6th Grade: Ecology (symbiosis , predation) & Engineering (Gear and ratios), Integers, Order of Operation, Inequalities, Probability,  Aquarium and natures classroom fields trips, new intern environmental science
  • 7th Grade: Matter, properties of matter, density, mass production, prototypes, transportation planning. Angles, geo solids, surface area, probability, MCAS review, rational numbers. Lowell Mills, return to project adventure
  • 8th Grade: adaptation and evolution, physics motion, roller coaster kits, rock cycle convection, factoring, quadratic, graphing equations, systems of equations. Canobie Lake Physics Day
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Member Present:
Matt Cronin
Katie Sullivan
Bill Sullivan
Glenn Blakney
Ellen Lodgen
Jim Hazlett
Mike Condon
Cindie Boccia
Kay O'Dwyer