MST Meeting 01-28-14

posted Jan 27, 2014, 11:53 AM by Matt Cronin   [ updated Jan 28, 2014, 10:57 AM ]

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Bill and Glenn Got Community Meeting
Mapping Next Gen Science Standards: Reviewed Science Strands Life Science and Earth Space Science 4-6
  • Opportunities for Spiraling:
    • Cells are new for 6th Grade, 8th Graders may have an incomplete understanding of cell structure. Might it be worthwhile to spiral cell in 4,6,7,8 grade?
    • ESS: 6th grade intro axial tilt and season, to be picked up in 8th grade
  • Opportunity for Integration:
    • Life Science 5th Grade (weird) water filter or compost (human activity / environment / engineering) may have cross curricular possibilities
  • Determining Standard Size:
    • Some standards seem like they could be addressed within a lesson or two (5th Earth Space Science: The sun is brighter because it is closer to earth)
    • Some standards could be expanded in terms of depth or breadth (ex. 4th Grade Life Science: animal plant structure for survival)
    • Is it worthwhile to see what standards would be grouped together for a unit?

Member Present:
Matt Cronin
Katie Sullivan
Katie Souza
Bill Sullivan
Glenn Blakney
Ellen Lodgen
Jim Hazlett
Howie Rothblatt
Mike Condon
Cindie Boccia
Kay O'Dwyer