2010-2011 School Year

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We will be looking at student work tomorrow. Adam has done a lab and

he will bring us some student work to test our science lab rubric out




Today we will be taking a look at our MCAS scores. Please bring any MCAS related material, if you have any. If you have a lap top computer, please bring that too.



Please look at the science lab rubric and add to it if you would like. After we have a draft, we can use it to assess some student work and see where the issues are, and then edit it. This is in draft form, so nothing you write will be in "stone", until we test it with real student work.


In addition to our ongoing work with the rubric, we will start evaluating our Everyday math program. This Thursday we will start looking at data and talking about our needs as a school. If you teach Everyday math, please bring a copy of Everyday math materials to share with the group.



FYI- Bill has community mtg. tomorrow morning on Motion. Bill- if you need help just let us know. I'd be happy to help out.


Star party is coming... Would you like to present that night? Please let me know if you want to do a short presentation on your favorite constellation or heavenly body. (Thank goodness Jeff doesn't get this email) So far- Thanks Glenn and Nina for stepping up.


Lab rubric-

I added notes to the goggle doc we started. Some of the notes are from our conversation last week. As I was adding those notes, I felt inspired and added more. Please add to the google doc, categories/ descriptions/comments. Please don't delete any comments or additions. We can discuss as a group tomorrow changes, additions, and deletions. If you don't have time, no worries, bring your ideas to the meeting tomorrow. 


If you want to add something to our agenda just let me know.


Ms. Miller - I believe you had something on STEM? I'll catch up with you.



This week we will be writing the conclusion criteria on our rubric. Please be prepared to discuss and contribute.


Community meeting this week- Ivy sharing women in science.



We are going to continue our discussion/work on science labs, so please bring examples of labs and any rubrics. If you have samples of student work, please try to bring a 4, 3, 2, 1. If you don't have any don't worry. If you use science notebooks, and if you don't have time for copies, just bring some notebooks to share.



Matt has an item to discuss at 1:45.  If anyone has anything else to bring to the table, just let me know.



Thanks Bill for community meeting. Maybe we should construct a database for the food in the "cake" room. No that would be toooooo scary!


Please bring any student math/science questions. If we get any we can discuss.


We will continue our discussion on computation and decide on what we want to do for next year if anything.


Starting our science lab discussion. Bring a lab and/or rubric if you have one. Lets start talking about how lab writing is happening through the grade levels. If you don't have one don't worry...bring what you have.



As some of you may know, we do math minutes in forth grade and other various computation drills/practice in other grades. Please bring what you do for weekly computation to tomorrow's meeting. If you don't do anything weekly, no problem, just come tomorrow and we'll help each other figure out a plan. 


I would like us to document what we do or we want to do. 



Today we will be discussing reading in science. What do we give students to read?  Why? Is it at their reading level?


Please bring at least one sample of something you have given out or will give out this year. It could be from a text book, journal or from the internet. Please don't bring your original because we may be writing on them.



I thought we would share the standards/strands we are assessing with this coming exhibition project- no need for a hard copy if you have a computer or hand written bring that. Then if we have time, maybe share our rubrics or ideas for rubrics because they are due tomorrow. 



As I mentioned yesterday, we are going to finalized our accelerated students in the 4th and 5th grade. Pam and Bill please bring all data including the scores on the the Mid Year test. In addition, Adam has a student the parents want us to consider for acceleration.


Cindie and Katie Sull- please start thinking about evidence or assessment we can get together for your students to document any progress.


As always, if you have other questions/concerns, please feel free to bring them up.



This week we be discussing Chapter 4 of our book and the Knowatom curriculum.


Thanks to everyone who has done a community meeting. Great job! 


I need someone to do community meeting November 4th. Any takers?


Remember to do your observation with the 5/10 min form for our November 4th meeting.

Learning to love math- Book discussion chapters 2 and 3
Sharing assessments to decide on level of complexity 
Reminder to observe one college before the end of September

Community meeting Assignments

Learning to love math- book for reading as a department- Chapter 1 by next meeting ASCD Study Guide

ALEKS- getting started discussion

Scope and sequence work (starting)- come prepared to discuss next meeting

By the end of September- do one observation of someone in our department