Humanities Lunch 3/19/2015

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Attendees: Meghan Hale, Molly Wright, Jesse Malloy, Pam Miller, Carol Solomon, Alanna Shone, Kay O'Dwyer, Matt Cronin

1. Educator Eval. - observations? evidence? questions?
2. Not grade 4 or 5!    What do we need to do to prepare? 
                         - April 7th - Coffee..Parents and 7th/8th grade teachers
                           - April 9th - "moving up" day
3. Quantity/Variety of C, D, I level assignments in a term? 
TASK Count up the number of assignments in each category for the subjects you teach and when they occur over the course of 
the term. Bring an example of one C level assignment.
Bring to Humanities Lunch for 3/26/2015.
4. Writing Across the do we support this? Are these rubrics effective to grade a generic paragraph?

4. Topics to be addressed third term/AOB?