Humanities Lunch 10/1/2014

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Attendees: Pam Miller, Jesse Malloy, Molly Wright, Meghan Hale, Alanna Shone, Carol Solomon

-Curriculum Map (power standards?assessments? alignment?)
-Discovery Ed - potential in humanities class?
-Community Mtg (Molly & Pam Oct. 21st)
-Classroom Visits
-MAP week...10/ 8 - 10/10
-Site Visit ...the week after...10/15 - 10/10/16

-Instructional Leadership Team         ----------   -      School Wide Goal

In order to improve student achievement and teacher effectiveness, we will implement a performance assessment cycle that includes a uniform definition of performance assessmenta description of the cycle, and exemplars of teacher and student work from each grade level at each step of the cycle.

(professional practice and student achievement goals should be connected...maybe a department goal? maybe continuation from last year)

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