NWEA Instructions

Review NWEA Proctor Handbook (pages 10-21 are particularly useful)

NWEA Login Instructions

  1. Turn Computer on
  2. Login using: name: xerxes  password: charmccps0500
  3. Open NWEA TestTaker (if it isn't open click on the Macintosh HD, The NWEA folder should be in there)
  4. As long as the computer is connected to the network, the program should load and in the next popup window use the name: nwea password: test
  5. The TestTaker main screen should be loaded; the name for this is: Marblehead (it is case sensitive, so make sure it is capitalized) password: mccps01945
  6. Select the appropriate test (usually a Goals test) in the appropriate grade range
  7. Select a students - I usually find by typing in the first few letters of their last name will find the person I need quickly

Matt Cronin,
Apr 28, 2009, 10:07 AM