Meeting Notes-September 19, 2008

posted Oct 16, 2008, 12:02 PM by Pam Miller
Folders sent home on Wednesday
-    a cleanup crew group will be assigned on Tuesdays

Phone service being investigated to make calls automatically

Enrichment – impact on special ed students
-    serving all needs is difficult given the Wednesday professional development & the team sports on Tuesdays & Thursdays

Leveling in 8th for Math is necessary
-    students may be grouped by ability
-    student who are strong/weak in math are will result in heterogeneously grouped students for other subjects

Struggling Readers
-    Schoolwide Initiative
o    Guiding Criteria
•    Warning/lower end of MCAS
•    Low NWEA score
•    Classroom observations

Strong Math Students

Critical friends training

MAPs & portfolios & graduation speeches
-    how can they work together?

-    need professional development planned
-    Looking at Student Work Protocol
- Ryan to meet with Pam to determine what and when
Reporting to parents
-    CUE