Leadership Team-August 31, 2011

posted Aug 31, 2011, 3:14 AM by Pam Miller   [ updated Aug 31, 2011, 11:44 AM ]
Welcome new members to the team.
What do we do?  

Clear expectations for PD & coverage for enrichment
Prep Time for inclusion specialist?
Teachers being asked to help students with enrichment? Check August email from Nina.
Orientation for Enrichment volunteers...better management of behavior.
Play this term?  1st week in November...sometime in February...late May, early June
Children's Island
MCAS Scores release? Nina, Pam, Kay & Becca will plan.
Scheduling NWEA-Sept.19th-October 5th
1st friday in October...cookout?  Community Building Activities? (Becca)

PD 3:30-5 Wednesday-Other days 
PD other days...???
Khan Academy instead of ALEKS-Math dept. will talk at Parent/Teacher night
Are 6th and 7th graders going to camp?  If so when?
ONE integrated/CSL project...local...per grade level per year.
Foreign Language...look at 5 year program...integrate when it makes sense...don't force it.
Each grade level...each term...1 integrated project/performance based project