Leadership Team-April 4, 2011

posted Apr 11, 2011, 10:09 AM by Pam Miller   [ updated Apr 11, 2011, 11:26 AM ]
Present:  Pam, Matt, Molly W. Becca, Kay (Jed arrived at 1:25)
Who evaluates who...whoever hires and fires must evaluate.
Criteria-This is the essence of what a teacher should be evaluated.  Everything else is icing on the cake.

1.  What you teach?
Teacher has identified key components of the curriculum and broken it up appropriately and assessed (are we still making curriculum maps?

2.  How you teach it?
Teacher clearly presents academic content, managing student practice, checking for understanding, reinforce rules and consequences, implements time-saving procedures, track student performance...Power standards!

3.  How is it evaluated? 

This is HOLY WRIT...Until we target these 3 criteria...everything else is NON essential (or on the 2nd tier)

How can you evaluate inclusion teacher without observing inclusion specialists in the classroom?
Team could give feedback and observation (with evidence) of teaching assistants.
What is the purpose of evaluation?  Improve practice or decide whether to rehire/fire?
    Tailor MAP goals to meet needs highlighted in evaluation...for the next year.
How many observations per year?  At least 2?  What about new people?  more?
Observations to document for improvement in teacher's practice after 1 year...2 years...3 years?
Support networks not working together....mentors, dept. heads, Academic Director...all have information, but has it been collected?
Mentor/Advisor directs team to model certain behaviors...i.e. gradebook, assessment, lesson plans etc.
How do we set up teams? for highest function...most effective...quality
Integrated Arts...are they looking at each other's gradebook?  Should they be?
If a teacher is not functioning well at 1, 2 or 3....they should be prevented from taking on additional responsibilities even if it means more money.
Look at MAP goals...as a whole...to determine PD needs for the year....

among teachers using Study Groups led by teacher leaders. (i.e. classroom management, technology, differentiation, using materials and resources, ways to check for understanding/informal assessment, curriculum mapping/assessment)

Having Kay in the classroom has made a difference for individual teachers who get a chance to talk with her about there practice.

We do not do enough to to give students opportuniies to excel!

Action Plan:

New rubric for evaluation with additions for new/novice teachers
  •  present to teachers
  • conversations about validity
  • use in conversations with teammates/mentors/dept head
  • build in ways to assess teacher regularly using the rubric
One mentor for all new teachers
Can we get enough information in 90 days.  Does this butt heads with helping a teacher grow?
If after 2 years you don't want a teacher to stay 35 years...you should ask them to leave...if you keep a teacher that is under performing after 3 years, you lower moral of every teacher in the school.
Perception of teachers on staff is that sometimes mentors' opinions hold no weight.
Potential new hires should be asked to prepare a lesson and present...to students or teachers.
Teaching assistants 1st...then teacher...How do we institutionalize this practice...pay increase for TA?
Have check ins....if teacher doesn't meet goals....what happens next.