Leadership Team-April 25, 2011

posted Apr 25, 2011, 10:09 AM by Pam Miller
How to make sure we are true to the charter....and push student achievement/engagement/enrichment
3rd trimester...with testing/trips-teacher time with students/time on learning is significantly affected.
  • arrange trips around MCAS?
  • trips in fall instead of spring?
  • film festivals?
Yea....Nina is reading "Focus."
For next year....curriculum maps for everyone BEFORE school starts...maybe even at the end of 3rd trimester before leaving for the summer
Align curriculum maps to Comman Core Standards
Kim Marshall-Teacher Evaluation Rubric    
  • use with mentors
  • use as a teaching tool
  • process for using rubric
  • use for teacher evaluation-portfolio?
  • amended version?
Look at Core Values...is there anything we can weed out?