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Leadership Team

Leadership Team-June 6, 2012

Technology missing...how do we handle this? New rules. Student responsibility for personal devices. 

8 ipads & 1 laptop are missing...  

Leadership Team-May 14/May 22, 2012

CPR plan approved

NWEA makes-ups + finish testing

Consultancy-What do we do with 8th grade?

Part time/full time?

7/8 Math....7/8 Science ?

I A as Advisory teacher (Matt?)

May 22, 2012

Jed helping Gloucester Charter School with CPR

MAP meeting/recording of results on google docs

What's happening next year?  Staffing?  

Vision for next year?  3-5 years?

Essential Habits? Global Themes? End of year activity...get feedback from faculty...made decisions that will energize staff

Wednesday PD...How can we make it better? 


What are the priorities of the schedule?  

length of teaching blocks?


more team time? with Inclusion specialist?

exhibition workshops? or not?

NWEA-teachers need to know what questions are on the test and how they can address them/disconnect

What data are we looking for? Action? Teacher needs to be closer to the assessments...

Alignment of assessments....what happened to the plan in place to increase test scores...revisit in PD...document!!


NEED AN ASSESSMENT CYCLE for PD...looking at assessments-PROCESS