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Checks on Your Curriculum:
  • Have you identified key standards / assessments in the frameworks and documented them in the Curriculum Map?
  • Have these key assessments made it into your exhibition projects?
  • Are there revisions that need to be made to your Map? Why did you make these changes?

  • Don't list content as Chapter 1 or Objective 2.5 because readers of the map will have no idea of the concepts taught.
  • Do use verbs to describe skills and nouns to identify types of assessment
  • Do enter information as you go, it is meant to be a living document
  • Don't procrastinate. The longer you wait, the harder it will get

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Example Curriculum Maps

Math Curriculum Map

Science Curriculum Map

LA Curriculum Map 09

Ms. Wolverton's Language Arts Curriculum Map

Month Week One Week Two Week Three Week Four
Sept  Parts of Speech-nouns and Pronouns  Analyze effects of sound in poetry  Parts of Speech
Thesaurus/high value words
Thesaurus/high value words 
Oct  Parts of Speech (Adj)
Topic sentences and Supporting Details
Research Paper
 Poetic techniques
Research Paper
Analyze effects of sound in poetry
Parts of Speech (verbs) Poetic Techniques
Analyze effects of sound in poetry 
 Parts of Speech (Prepositions)
Analyze effects of sound in poetry
Documenting Sources
Nov  Parts of Speech (Adverbs Conjunctions)
Documenting Sources
 Parts of Speech (Unit test)    Exhibition
Dec  Types of sentences
Simple and Compound Sentences
Theme in Lit
Run-ons and fragments
Theme in Lit 
Run-ons and Fragments
Theme in Lit
Jan  Combining sentences
Elements to dramatic literature
Elements of Story, Plot and Characterization (in reading)
 Vary sentence beginnings
Elements to dramatic Literature
Elements of Story, Plot and Characterization (in Reading)
Expand and Reduce Sentences
Acting Skills 
 Acting Skills
Feb  Acting Skills
Organizational Structures in own writing and other sources
Mar  Exhibition  Write Formal Letters  Story Events in Order  Sensory details in writing
April  Elements of Story, Plot and Characterization (in Writing) Elements of Story, Plot and Characterization (in Writing)   Vacation Use of Dialogue 
May  NATURES CLASSROM Media- compare reference software for education and print text   Create Media production  
June     Exhibition